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Day 1 – 12 March 2019

Registration and Refreshments
Dr Pauline Stephen Chair’s Welcome
Morning Break
  • Clear up confusion on what formative assessment actually is
  • Understand how feedback (one of the biggest effect sizes), connects to formative assessment

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  • Translate Hattie’s research into a practical pathway for implementation
  • Hear how 100,000 teachers and leaders across 16 countries have successfully used this model

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Discover how to really make an impact in the classroom using:

  • shared language
  • teacher clarity
  • feedback
  • pupil voice

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  • How leaders can use 6 of John Hattie’s high effect influences on learning
  • Learn to foster growth in your teachers and put the focus on learning for students

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  • Understand how teacher-friendly presented data can transform student learning
  • Learn how to develop a culture of stories and patterns, rather than numbers only
  • See how collaborative expertise thrives in a culture of teachers planning around data
  • Unpick an innovative collaborative teacher induction model
  • Receive support documents to ensure a seamless transition from university to teaching
  • Learn how to collect data from the first-year teacher perspective and measure impact
  • Understand the link between mental toughness, performance, well-being and behaviour
  • Measure mental toughness through the 4 c’s (challenge, control, confidence, commitment)
  • Interpret scores and reports from the MTQ48 questionnaire
  • Share Midlothian Council’s Collaborative Impact programme journey
  • Unpick the role of impact coaches in schools
  • See the success of collaborative working in one year
  • An overview of the school system and Visible Learning Plus in the Netherlands
  • A take away model to check where you are in the process of implementation, at both school and board level

Discover why feedback is the single most powerful influence to advance learning and discover how to deliver non-evaluative, specific, timely and goal-related feedback every day.

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Embed the Coherence Framework into everyday practice:

  • Focused direction
  • Collaborative cultures
  • Deepening learning
  • Securing accountability from the inside out

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  • Reveal the specific actions teachers can take to develop positive, healthy, growth-producing relationships with students that facilitate learning
  • Learn how teachers can improve their credibility with students

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  • Explore how the Visible Learning Programme supports and challenges the current policy context in Scotland
  • Focus on How Good Is Our School, the National Improvement Framework and our Professional Standards

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  • Measure existing efficacy enabling conditions in your school
  • Use a taxonomy to examine teacher collaboration
  • Propose ways to meaningfully involve teachers in school improvement

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  • Understand why highly evidenced programmes can yield poor results due to poor implementation
  • Reveal a model that can be used to support effective implementation of any new change initiatives
  • Understand surface to deep level learning
  • Recognise common teaching practices in relation to instructional practice
  • Discuss the impact of feedback to teachers
  • Understand high impact teacher talk factors
  • Unpick the Scottish project Improving children’s reading: Research informing practice
  • Understand the different aspects of children’s reading development
  • Take-away resources to support children’s reading development
  • Learn how a school ranked in the bottom 2% nationally for deprivation were recognised at inspection as being Outstanding
  • Discover the key ingredients in effective teacher CPD
  • Understand the key components of the VL programme
  • See how local, regional and national contexts can influence practice
Afternoon Break
  • Clarify what Assessment Capable Learners are
  • Identify what learning approaches encourage Assessment Capable Learners

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  • Grasp what collective efficacy is
  • Identify its impact on student achievement
  • Recognise the consequences associated with collective efficacy

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  • Introduce Effective Feedback, one of the five aspects of Visible Learning
  • Discover a new structure for giving feedback
  • Understand the research related to feedback and the Instructional model

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  • Understand the research
  • Know how to practically build on this work in classrooms
  • Reveal what didn’t work when attempting to create moments of discovery in classroom

How Visible Learning was adopted by a Middle School, which is part of a larger Multi Academy Trust

An independent school’s Visible Learning journey focussing on:

  • different data gathering methods
  • getting staff on board
  • the role of impact coaches
  • Learn how clarity creates the conditions for meaningful learning and student empowerment
  • Discover five core practices that empower learners

Clarify which teacher and leader practices help all students gain at least a year’s worth of progress for a year’s worth of input and look at best practice examples for engaging in collective, ongoing, and synchronized efforts to share feedback.


Successful leaders figure out ‘joint determination’, ‘adapt’ when necessary, and develop ‘cultures of accountability’. Case studies that exemplify these forces for change will be featured.

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