Professor John Hattie

“Possibly the world’s most influential education academic”TES

An internationally acclaimed education researcher. Professor John Hattie is recognised as a master at figuring out what helps students to learn, with his research ultimately culminating in his development of the visible learning programme.

He’s won awards for services to education, authored 14 books and has held the position of director of the research institute at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education since 2011.

An entertaining and enthusiastic speaker he will be delivering the conference’s opening keynote ‘The Attributes of Teaching as a Profession’ alongside several other talks throughout the event.

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Why Join John at VL World 2019?

When will he be speaking?

Day 1
Opening Keynote: The Attributes of Teaching as a Profession
  • Advanced learning 2019
  • Outline key attributes of teaching
  • Evaluative thinking
  • Developing teaching expertise
Day 1
After Lunch Keynote: Feedback links with formative assessment
  • Unpick the latest evidence
  • The most powerful practice
  • Common mistakes
Day 1
  • Top habits of effective learners
  • How to lead the change you want to see
  • Nuances for stunning practice
Day 2
How to Make ‘What Works’ Actually Work in Practice
  • The transfer of meta-analysis into schools
  • How to have the ‘right’ debate
  • Effective practice in scalable implementation
Day 2
  • Scalability: how to achieve more with less
  • The Big 2: scalability and implementation
  • Cargo cults and snake oil in the system
  • How to work with what attracts, not what distracts

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